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Welcome to KOS's Funland!!!!!


[edit] User Info:

Avatar: kosavatar.png

Name:   Killerofsheep

Joined forums:   Sun 18 Dec, 2011 8:20 pm

Age:   14, Birthday: 26th October 1997

From:   The land down under

Hobbies:   Killing ewes and rams, killing the occasional goat, killing a llama every now and then and killing an alpaca from time to time.

Where to find me:   JJW(Name: Killerofsheep, I type in cyan!)

[edit] Creations:


My Tree House


Just Jack and his friend sheep...

[edit] Mods:

[edit] Textures:

Treepack! (For 1.2.1)

[edit] Crosshairs:

Black Sheep Hat (To use over Sheep Hat )



Looter made with Wack3jo

Rorschach Jack (Watchmen)

Pig Hat!

Zombie/Slime/Skeleton Jack! (Modpack)

Coloured Mining Helms!

[edit] Mobs:

Polar/Black Bear (Out-of-date)

[edit] Other Mods:

Red Mithril (Out-of-date)

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