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This page is for Junk Jack Retro.
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This category pertains to mobs, short for mobiles. All mobs can fit into the following categories:

  • Critters - any mob which wanders around aimlessly or flees from the player and deals no damage.
  • Dangerous Mobs - any mobs which deals damage to the player, but doesn't chase him.
  • Agressive Mobs - any mobs which chases the player around with intent on dealing damage.

Mobs with different strengths can spawn at different times of day and depths.


[edit] Critters

Critters are mobs that stay harmless to the player. These mobs all roam on the surface during the day, except for the frog who only spawns in underground jungle biomes.

[edit] Farm Animals

B Hog JJ1.gif

B Sow JJ1.gif

B Cow JJ1.gif

B Hen JJ1.gif

[edit] Birds

[edit] Others

[edit] Dangerous mobs

Dangerous mobs don't actively chase Jack, but they can still hurt him if they walk by or if Jack walks by them.

[edit] Agressive mobs

Agressive mobs hurt Jack. They spawn at night, in dark areas or when Jack breaks certain object like vases or graveyard dirt.

[edit] Slimes

[edit] Spiders

[edit] Skulls

[edit] Skeletons

[edit] Zombies

[edit] Mummies

[edit] Insects

[edit] Others

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