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Loot containers are natural blocks that can be found while exploring. When destroyed, they will drop a few items which vary depending on the container.



Crates can be destroyed with any tool made of any material or even with bare hands. They, most of the time, only contain basic loot.

Regular Crates

Regular crates are blocks found on every planet at any height. They will appear to be made of thougher materials the deeper they are and will drop slightly more valuable loot. Despite their change in appearance, every crate has the same durability and can be detroyed with any tool. They look the same on every planet.

Small Crates

Small crates are containers found on avery planet at any height. They are 5 types of crates which each drop different loot. Their appearance as well as their loot isn't affected by the height or the planet on which they are found.

Found Chests

Found chests can only be destroyed with a hammer. They can sometimes be locked. In that case, the player will have to unlock them with the corresponding key before being able to destroy them.
See also Portal Chest.

Treasure Chests

Biome Chests

Biome chests can be foun in their corresponding biome. Every underground biome on every planet has its corresponding biome chest which will drop loot based on the biome as well as other general loot.

Seasonal Chests

Unlike the other found chests, these one will never be locked and are always found on the surface in their respective seasonal biome. Each of them as been removed from the game and was only available during its corresponding seasonal update.


Every planet has its own vases which can be found at any height. Their appearance as well as their loot isn't affected by the height at which they are found. They, most of the time, only contain basic loot. Depending on the difficulty of the player, there is a chance that a small mob might spawn when a vase is destroyed.


Easter Basket Cornucopia

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