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Using the multiplayer feature in JJx, you can build, mine, explore, or just hang out with friends in your (or their) world.

Use caution when playing with people you don't know well, griefers and thieves exist.
But there are precautions you can put in place to deter them (see bottom of page).

Host refers to the hosting player, whos world is being used.

Client refers to the joining player(s), who are joining the world.


Desktop Version

Multiplayer on desktop version of the game comes in two flavours: through Steam platform and directly by specifying the IP. The desktop version of the game has no limit on the amount of players in the same game, as long as the host computer is able to manage them all.

Mobile Version


Online multiplayer connects through the internet, using gamecenter, to anywhere in the world. Online currently only supports 2 players at a time.
Once you choose whether to host (your world) or join (other players world); you will be given an option to either invite one of your gamecenter friends (friend will receive an invitation), or use gamecenter's automatch feature to be matched with a random player.


Local multiplayer connects through bluetooth, to anyone nearby. Local supports up to 4 players at a time.
To connect locally, one player selects host. Then other players simply select join, anyone nearby can join at any time during the game.
All players must have bluetooth turned on, but no pairing between the devices is necessary.


All options are located on the multiplayer page of the options menu accessible via the main menu.

  • No Death Drop Online Option
When enabled you will not drop any of your items upon death when playing as the client automatched gamecenter game.
Does not apply to invited gamecenter games or local games. Does not apply when you are the host.

The trading scale should be used to perform trades, as it allows you to see exactly what you're getting in the trade (unless the other player has wrapped an item in the Wrapped Gift).
Never throw items on the ground or place them on a shelf to conduct a trade, the other person is probably trying to steal from you.

Can be used to protect certain areas of your world.
Prevents placing, mining, and explosions by clients. Does not prevent opening of chests, or removal of shelf items.

Can be placed on chests to prevent clients from opening them.
Locked chests also protect themselves and the block under them from destruction, both by tools and explosions.

  • World Lock Option
When enabled any worlds you host will be fully protected from building, explosives, or mining by clients.
Chest contents and items on shelves are still vulnerable.

  • Chest Lock Option
When enabled all chests in a world you host will be protected from clients opening them.
Beware, chests can still be broken open using a hammer, unless they're protected by other means (lock blocks, world lock option).

  • Shelf Lock Option
When enabled clients can't knock items off of shelves/showcases/tables in a world you host.
Beware, shelves can still be knocked off the walls using a hammer, unless they're protected by other means (lock blocks, world lock option).

  • Block Explosions Option
When enabled clients in a world you host are unable to use explosives.
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