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Bars can be crafted from the different Ingots at an Anvil.

They are used in some more advanced crafts. Primarily to create Bows, and Arrows.

[edit] Bar Types

In order of strength and rarity weakest (Copper) to strongest (Antanium).

Grid Copper Bar.png


Copper Ingot

Grid Ironbar.png


Iron Ingot

Grid Silver Bar.png


Silver Ingot

Grid Gold Bar.png


Gold Ingot

Grid Mithril Bar.png


Mithril Ingot

Grid Antanium Bar.png


Antanium Ingot

[edit] Recipe

  • 2 Ingots of choice
  • Must be near an Anvil
  • Recipe makes 3
Grid Iron Ingot.png
Grid Iron Ingot.png
Grid Ironbar.png
Crafting grid.png

[edit] Used In

The following can only be made using Iron Bars.

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