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This page is for Junk Jack Retro.
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B Red Bird JJ1.gif
B Blue Bird JJ1.gif
B Green Bird JJ1.gif
B Purple Bird JJ1.gif
B Grass JJ1.png
B Grass JJ1.png
B Grass JJ1.png
B Grass JJ1.png

Birds come in 4 different colors: red, blue, green and purple which all spawn as frequently. They can jump a little over 2 blocks high, but can’t fly. They can’t be tamed.


[edit] Spawning

Birds spawn on the surface during the day.

[edit] Health

Health: 1 Heart 4-4 JJ1.png

[edit] Drops

Birds don’t drop anything when killed.

[edit] Texture & size

Birds are 10x10 pixels and come in 4 colors: red, blue, green and purple. They each have 2 textures, one normal and one jumping.

[edit] Sounds

Birds have an ambient sound: bird_tweet2 and a death sound: bird_tweet.

[edit] History

[edit] Pictures


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