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Boar meat is an item occasionally dropped by [[O-Boar]]s when killed.<br/>
It can be eaten raw to restore 0.25 Hearts [[File:Heart 14.png]], [[O-Cooking|cooked]] to create '''Roasted Boar Meat''' to restore 0.5 Hearts [[File:Heart 12.png]], or used in a recipe.
{{Grid|A1=BoarMeat}} {{Grid|A1=Roasted Boar Meat}}<br/>
This item is used in these recipes:
* [[O-Boar Ribs and Grapes]]
* [[O-Corn Ribs]]
* [[O-Eggplant Ribs]]
* [[O-Roasted Boar Meat]]
* [[O-Wild Boar Goulash]]
[[Category:O-Mob Drops]]

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Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Boar Meat JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Food.png

The boar meat is a food item that is dropped by boars when killed.
Heals: 1/4 of a heart Heart 1-4 JJ1.png


Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Roasted Boar Meat JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Food.png

Boar meat can be cooked in a cooking pot to make roasted boar meat.
Heals: 1/2 of a heart Heart 2-4 JJ1.png

Used In

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