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{{Build Mod 1|A1=Rooster JJ1|B1=Grass JJ1}}
{{Build Mod 1|A1=Hen JJ1|B1=Grass JJ1}}
{{Build Mod 1|A1=Chick JJ1|B1=Grass JJ1}}
[[File:Chicken_Coop_In_Use.png|frame|alt=Hen House|(left to right) A rooster, hen house, chick and hen.]]
Can be captured with a [[O-Taming Collar|taming collar]] and [[O-Bred]] in a [[O-Hen House|hen house]].<br/>
Males are [[O-Rooster]]s, females are [[O-Hen]]s, babies are [[O-Chick]]s.
Chickens will eat: [[O-Grass]], [[O-Leaves]], [[O-Wheat]], wheat seeds, [[O-Corn]] seeds, grass seeds, [[O-Animal Food|animal food]] and maybe other things.
[[Category: O-Mobs]]
[[Category: O-Critters]]

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