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Tomato Plants
Tomato Plants young and grown

Tomatoes are used in many recipes. If eaten plain they will heal 1/4 heart.

Grid Tomato.png



Grid Tomato Sprout.png


Tomato Sprout

[edit] Planting

The tomato sprout is used to grow tomatoes.
It must be planted over tilled soil and on a O-Wood Support.
The sprouts are found in underground chests and O-Crates.
Tomato Sprout.png

[edit] Harvesting

Fruit will grow on the plant. Just tap with your hands to knock the fruit off, without destroying the plant.

On the side picture you can see:

  • to the far left an empty support which is used to grow some plants, tomato included
  • to the left the tomato sprout, just planted
  • to the right the full grown tomato plant
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