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A lot of these are from minecraft, sorry guys, but I don't think we can copy minecraft ideas, be more original, and come up with your own, and think some things are hard get/find so it gives you the want to come back and play Junk Jack often, I have most everything, and with everything Junk Jack is quite boring. The golden title should only be obtainable through donation, DUH, it says a cool title to help support the developers, if you could sell blocks for the Title, what kind of donation is that! The hats are in-app purchases for a reason! They also help support the developers, and set up a freemium type game that you can play without purchases but if you want you can support the developers and speed up the process of your house/structures! Don't take me wrong there are some good ideas in here such as, the lantern hat, the nurse hat, and, well others, but we can't just take ideas from other places, and some ideas would take the fun out of Junk Jack! You want ideas give them ideas that won't ruin the game, such as Thanksgiving items/blocks and stuff like that! –Grudge70

[edit] Junk Jack Talk: Update ideas.

I love all of these ideas!!!! But like Grudge said, please make them original. I know that all of you can make up something great and cool, but sometimes it can get boring if you can get everything easily. The tent, for instance is a wonderful idea!!! I like how you can live in the wilderness, or make a homie home for yourself. I like the idea of being in the wilderness, and having to survive on your own. I really don't like having a home home for yourself. But everyone has different ideas. The developers just want to make the game fun and exciting for you. Don't get any over powered ideas. You know how much they work for us. We should appreciate that! Now thank you all for taking the time to read all of this, I really enjoy your ideas. I even put in some ideas. And please don't take out any of them. That's really rude. Please make sure you be thankful for the ideas and the developers. I even say thank you and write letters to them.

- Charity101

People can think what they want. Scorning people's ignorance isn't respectful. The page was made so that people could openly share their ideas. Some of the ideas will definitely not be implemented for obvious reasons. There is no need to be rude "grudge". I believe that everyone's opinion highly matters even though they may not be suitable for the game. ~ian~

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