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What is this ore?:/

1.It is grey 2.the lumps are squares found usually on top layer 4.cant be broken with iron pic and lower ones

5.NOT COAL! Please tell

you are probably trying to dig either silver or iron in Plate Rock you can break plate rock by using a silver+ pickaxe ~ian~

No tis one is square orez

[edit] What is bed rock like?

I've found hundreds of blocks I can't break like coal ore!

And what does bedrock look like?


It's probably easier to look it up. It's a bit hard to describe every detail.

~2539 Woo

[edit] Antumium (think its spelt like that)

I've been digging for about 4 hrs trying to find antimiun :/ I can't find it, so how deep down is it? I've only got one

watch my youtube videos( ianfromijrinx under the page "user videos" you'll learn alot lol ~ian~

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