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Is this wiki officially outdated? Doesn't seem much just between the two of us.

-2539 Woo

Well there isn't much to edit :/ . No one really helps but us. And seeing that im the only administrator on, it is really difficult to moniter everything. Even though there are not many edits to make, we still need extra help. Im afraid it's a two-man band right now ):


Where did it all go downhill? This wiki used to be so popular and active. Is the hurricane still hampering your progress? After all this time you would think that it would've been back to normal. Think the sequel is ever coming out? -2539 Woo

I have no idea. However as long as just a couple people like us are willing to spend our time on the wiki to make it better it should be completely fine. The sequel should be coming out fairly soon. And a whole new wiki would probably abandon this wiki. I hope that we can always improve this wiki nomatter what. -ian

Ah. Does this wiki follow the newly implemented COPPA regulations? I saw IP addresses editing..

Oh and by the way, the news for the sequel.. I think you should check it out for yourself but I think it's out.. -Woo

I only see information on the sequel. I checked and it hasnt be realeased yet. I dont think it follows the new COPPA regualtions -ian

Have the others gone? I notice them of the forums here and there but they seem to have completely disappeared.. Quite strange

I dont think anyone is here anymore. But the forum has been very busy and some veterans have come back because of junk jack x. It is a little odd

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