2.2.3/2.2.5 Halloween Update

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The 2.2.3 Halloween Update is an update released on 22 October, 2014. It is mostly themed accordingly to the Halloween celebration and items associated with it. This update also removes the Summer Biome as part of a world's generation. It can now only be accessed through creative mode, along with other seasonal biomes.


[edit] Additions

[edit] Mobs

Several mobs were added to the game during the update, based on already existing mobs or on the Halloween celebration. All of the mobs listed below have a low chance of dropping their respective Pocket Pets

[edit] Blocks

Many of the blocks added either have to be crafted using other materials or found in the Halloween biome.

[edit] Food

All of the food added in this update can be found inside Halloween Chests and are all based on candy.

[edit] Plants

All of the plants added in this update were halloween themed. They can all be found scattered around randomly in the Halloween Biomes.

[edit] Weapons

Only two new weapons were added to the game during the update.

[edit] Fancy

Five fancy items were added in this update, with all of them being hats (helms).

[edit] Accessories

[edit] Pets

All of the new pets added are not tamable, and were only dropped from their respective mobs or are purchasable from the store.

[edit] Toys

The Eyeball was the only toy added to the game in this update

[edit] Reagents

All of the new reagents are either dropped from mobs as rare drops or obtained through the destruction of the new Halloween plants.

[edit] IAPs

[edit] HEX'ed Items

This update also brought several items to the game that only existed in the game's resource files.

  • Unnamed black powder-like item
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