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The 2.2 Summer Update was an update which came about on July 23rd, 2014. As its name may imply, it is mainly based around Summer themed items. As well as this, Fishing and a new planet (Yuca) were introduced to the game. For a complete list of changes see below.


[edit] Changes

[edit] Additions

[edit] Blocks

[edit] Generation

[edit] Items

[edit] Mobs

[edit] Pets

[edit] Other

  • Fishing - the ability to catch fish
  • Music by Bright Primate
  • Players Statistics
  • Hardcore is no longer a difficulty setting, but rather a player option
  • Multiple Players Support

[edit] Fixes/Enhancements

  • Slightly increased falling star treasures drop rates
  • Fixed drop chance of some plant saplings
  • Fixed throw strength of some mob bullets
  • Added some missing miscellaneous drops to mobs
  • Bone Dust has been added to creative
  • Additional informations are shown in extended tooltips
  • Added critical and health leech modifiers to weapons
  • Effects of gems are now considered inside advanced item tooltips
  • Fixed some light values of torches held in hand which were missing
  • Fixed some craftbook pages which weren’t associated with correct crafts
  • Arrows craft output has been doubled (from 15 to 30)
  • Fixed some tooltip messages which didn’t work in inventory
  • Fixed bone dust behavior which occasionally didn’t work
  • Fixed a bug that affected column type blocks mixed with bridges
  • Fixed a bug with trading scales to prevent a scam giving by fast interactions
  • Difficulty is now bound to the player, so different players can have different difficulties
  • Some options are now bound to the specific character and not game wise anymore (eg. simple craft)
  • Arctic Spruce now properly drops just Dark Wood
  • Tooltip in creative now correctly disappear when destroying the selected object
  • Fixed a crash with bridges and stackable objects at the top of the world
  • Fixed player that wasn’t falling when floating on removed liquid
  • Fixed health regen algorithm which wasn’t working properly
  • Fixed a bug which left armed TNTs on clients in protected zones
  • Fixed a trapdoor glitch which didn’t make the player fall properly under certain circumstances
  • Many minor graphic fixes

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