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A biome is any part or region of a Planet which may differ in appearance from the rest of the world, generally themed accordingly to its name. These biomes usually have blocks unique to that area. They are found both underground and above ground. Most, if not all, biomes have a particular armor set, called a Biome Armor Set, which can be found in the chests unique to each of these biomes, called Biome Chests.


[edit] Biomes

All the biomes, as of version 2.4.4, are the following

[edit] Terra

Biomes of Terra:

[edit] Seth

Biomes of Seth:

  • Ruins Biome
  • Old Glyph Biome
  • Scorpion Biome

[edit] Alba

Biomes of Alba:

[edit] Xeno

Biomes of Xeno:

[edit] Magmar

Biomes of Magmar

[edit] Cryo

Biomes of Cryo

[edit] Yuca

Biomes of Yuca

[edit] Lilith

Biomes of Lilith

[edit] Thetis

Biomes of Thetis

[edit] Mykon

Biomes of Mykon:

[edit] Umbra

Biomes of Umbra:

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