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Spiders are mobs found on most planets. They are all very similar and have the same behavior to attack the player; all Small and Huge Spiders chase the player, while all Tiny Spiders jump to attack the player. They are all known to drop Insect Legs, Spider Webs, Spider Silk, and Raw Primitive Silk.


[edit] Tiny Spiders

B Small Spider.png
B Tiny Red Spider.png
B Tiny Purple Spider.png
B Dirt.png
B Rough Red Dirt.png
B Raw Ice.png

These spiders are mostly found inside pots on Terra. They are extremely weak. There is also a red version on Magmar and purple version on Cryo, although they are functionally identical.

Drops: Tiny spiders do not have any drops.

[edit] Small Spider

B Medium Spider.png
B Dirt.png

Small Spiders can be found on planet Terra. The default spider, grey in color, and fairly weak.


[edit] Huge Spiders

B Huge Spider.png
B Stone.png

Huge Spiders are found deep underground planet Terra.


[edit] Yellow Spiders

B Yellow Spider.png
B Sandstone.png

These spiders are found on the surface and underground of Seth, and are stronger than their Terra counterparts.


[edit] Blue Huge Spiders

B Blue Spider.png
B Aqua Dirt.png

Blue Huge Spiders can be found on planet Xeno.


[edit] Huge Red Spider

B Red Spider.png
B Cracked Gray Rock.png

Huge Red Spiders are found on Alba.
They are located extremely deep underground, yet they are stronger than Huge Blue Spiders.


[edit] Skull Spider

B Skull Spider.png
B Rough Red Dirt.png

Skull Spider are found on planet Magmar.
They appear to have an inverted human skull where their head should be.
They are stronger and faster than Huge Spiders.


[edit] Huge Jungle Spiders

B Jungle Spider.png
B Ivory Stone.png

Huge Jungle Spiders are found underground on Yuca.
They are as weak as spiders


[edit] Ice Spiders

B Ice Spider.png
B Raw Ice.png

Ice spiders are found on Cryo and appear to have large ice shards sticking out of their bodies.


[edit] Huge Emerald Spider

B Huge Emerald Spider.png
B White Stone.png

Huge Emerald Spiders are found on planet Lilith.
They are as weak as normal Spiders but very strong.


[edit] Lume Spiders

B Huge Lume Spider.png
B Small Lume Spider.png
B Sharp Green Stone.png
B Sharp Green Stone.png

Lume Spiders are found on Mykon. They are currently the first and only Spiders—other than the regular Black variant—to have 2 different sizes. Though there are 2 different sizes, their drops are identical.


[edit] Bombroaches

B Blue Bombroach.png
B Purple Bombroach.png
B Green Bombroach.png
B Cracked Gray Rock.png
B Dark Violet Dirt.png
B Ivory Stone.png

While not technically spiders, these strange bulbous creatures have similar arachnid characteristics to them. There are three colors, with blue bombroaches being found on Alba, the purple ones being found on Xeno, and the green ones are found on Yuca. There appears to be no difference between them except the color.


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