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The Potion of Chop Mastering increases your Break Multiplier by 40%. It also increases your effectiveness of using axes on appropriate (i.e. wooden) blocks by 25%. (e.g. a tree that normally took you 4 hits to chop down, now only needs 3 hits to chop down.)

[edit] Recipes

Potion of Chop Mastering is created by combining the reagents in the exact order shown below (Swapping the first and second reagents will cause you to end up with a Useless Mixture). Note: If the third reagent slot is shown empty, this means that any reagent can be placed in that slot (You still need to have all three reagent slots filled to be able to create a potion).

Bull Horn + Green Sludge

Chemistry Interface.png
Crafted Using
Chemistry Lab
I Bull Horn.png
I Green Sludge.png
I Potion Bottle.png
I Red Potion.png

[edit] Durations

The duration of the Potion of Chop Mastering is as follows:

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