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Cobras are hostile mobs found deep underground on Seth, Cryo, and Yuca. They follow the player intending to do damage, unlike mobs like crocodiles who wander around aimlessly. They move around by jumping. There are currently only 4 types of cobras - Frost, Red, Brown and Green


[edit] Brown Cobras

B Brown Cobra.png
B Sand.png

Brown Cobras are only found underground on Seth. They don't have any special powers, however they do quite a lot of damage to the player. They attack by quickly dashing towards the player.

[edit] Drops

[edit] Red Stinger Cobras

B Red Stinger Cobra.png
B Sand.png

Red Stinger Cobras are red in color and have the ability to shoot spikes from their tails. These spikes do minor damage to the player and are not that difficult to dodge. They are also found underground on Seth

[edit] Drops

[edit] Frost Cobras

B Frost Cobra.png
B Raw Ice.png

Frost Cobras are blue in color and have ice shards sticking out of their heads. They are similar to Brown Cobras in stats and attack style. These cobras are found on Cryo.

[edit] Drops

[edit] Green King Cobras

B Green King Cobra.png
B Ivory Stone.png

Green King Cobras are only found underground on Yuca. They are green in color and have red crowns on their heads which closely resemble the Shy Tulipa plant. They shoot 2 red spikes at seemingly random moments, which are much faster in speed than the red stinger cobra's spikes and deal ?? damage to the player. A Green King Cobra will cease fire of its projectiles if a player has dealt damage to it, and then resume after a short period of time

[edit] Drops

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