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Cockroaches are non-hostile mobs found on Terra, Xeno, Magmar, and Cryo. They can be found either underground or on the surface after dark, except on Magmar. Cockroaches tend to follow the player around, but are easily killed. On Peaceful, they show up in larger than normal numbers to make up for the lack of enemies.

There are three different colors of Cockroaches: Gray, Purple, and Frozen.

  • Purple Cockroaches can only be found on Terra
  • Gray Cockroaches can be found on Terra, Xeno, and Magmar.
  • Frozen Cockroaches can be found exclusively on Cryo.
B Gray Cockroach.png
B Purple Cockroach.png
B Frozen Cockroach.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Raw Ice.png

[edit] Stats

[edit] Drops

Cockroaches do not currently have any drops.

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