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You can cook food, which, when eaten, will restore some health.
A cooking pot is required to cook most food, and cooking ware for more advanced recipes.

-In the 1.2.2 update (the "Halloween update") you can craft a cauldron which works as both a cooking pot and cooking ware.
-In the 2.1 update (the "Christmas update") you can craft 10 New recipes with cooking ware.

See Food for a list of all recipes.


[edit] Cookable Food

These foods can be cooked using a forge.

  • Meat > Roasted Meat
  • Bird Meat > Roasted Bird Meat
  • Boar Meat > Roasted Boar Meat
  • Pig Meat > Bacon
  • Turtle Meat > Roasted Turtle Meat
  • Insect Meat > Roasted Insect Meat
  • Corn > Roasted Corn
  • Egg > Cooked Egg

[edit] Recipes

[edit] Mixes

[edit] Christmas

[edit] Desserts

Made with Cooking Pot:

Made with Cooking Ware:

[edit] Cooking Materials

[edit] Thanksgiving Cooking Materials

[edit] Christmas Cooking Materials

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