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Crafting is the ability to create items using more basic ones.

To craft something first you will need to know the recipe. Recipes are called Craftnotes, and can be found occasionally while just regularly mining, and more commonly within crates. Once you find a recipe, just hold your finger on it to read it and add it to the Craftbook.

Many recipes require an Addon (such as a workbench) to be crafted. To use an addon you can either stand directly in front of it and open your inventory, or stand adjacent to the addon and tap on it. The background of the crafting area (not visible with Simple Craft enabled) will change, according to which addon you're using.

Now, you have two options to use the recipe, either with the standard crafting or simple crafting. Simple crafting is on by default for new users. To switch there is a toggle on the gameplay page of the options menu.

[edit] Standard Crafting

  • Pro: You don't necessarily need a recipe (see below)
  • Pro: The 9 slots of the crafting grid expand your inventory space when mining.
  • Con: Can be confusing to new players

When using this method you do not need to have the recipe in your craft book. You could look up the recipe on the wiki ;) then craft it, and the recipe will be added to your craftbook for future reference.

Standard crafting is done by arranging items in a specific pattern within the 3x3 interface on the right side of the inventory. Then tap the button to craft one; or hold it to craft many, if you placed enough resources in the grid.

[edit] Simple Crafting

  • Pro: Simpler, and can save time.
  • Con: Can take longer when crafting simple things, or many things.
  • Con: You need to have the page added to make the item.

When using simple crafting the crafting grid within the inventory disappears, instead crafting is done directly from the craftbook. Simply gather the required resources into your inventory and stand next to the appropriate addon (if necessary). Now open your craftbook and tap the craft button on the item you wish to craft.

Using this method items will take some time to be crafted, roughly equivalent to the time it would take a user to arrange the items in the standard crafting grid. This works well for crafting a few items, but when crafting large batches of items it will take longer.

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