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This page is for Junk Jack Retro.
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[edit] Frequently Asked Question

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] Game crashes at startup: what shall I do?

If game crashes just before reaching main menu you could try various options:

  • Try closing all background apps, take a look at this tutorial to see how
  • Try restarting your iPhone
  • Try freeing up some space on your device
  • Try reinstalling the application, first uninstall it (you can do a backup with iTunes to restore your saves) and reinstall through AppStore

[edit] How can I backup my worlds and my inventory?

  • You can backup in your iDevice using the backup button in the pause menu.
That will save a backup of your current world (not all worlds) and your inventory.
  • To restore your inventory from backup there is a restore items button in the options menu.
  • To restore your world there is a small green restore button next to each world on the world select screen.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] I can't destroy blocks, why?

Every tool has a range that varies from 1 block to 3 blocks. Bare hands can only reach adjacent blocks. If you are not able to hit a block (you swing your hands but you don't hear any hit sound) make sure that the block is in range.

[edit] I can't kill mobs, why?

Mobs can be killed only when there is an open path to reach them and when the range of your weapon is enough to reach it.

[edit] Bed doesn't seem to work, why?

Bed can be used ONLY when it's night in Junk Jack world and only when standing on the same block of the bed.

[edit] The craft for an item doesn't work, how can I fix it?

If a craft doesn't work please consider the following issues:

  • check the craftbook page for the craft (or the wiki) again to be sure that everything is correct
  • if the craft requires an addon, please make sure to have it in a block adjacent to you

[edit] Community

[edit] Where can I find some help?

You can try looking on the Forums.
Please search to make sure someone hasn't already asked/said what you want to before creating a new thread there.

[edit] Can I show my creations somewhere?

The best place to show off your creations and view others is the Your Creations section of the forum.

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