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See Also Craftable Chests

Certain chests cannot be crafted and can't be opened by the player. They must be found by the player and some of which require more powerful hammers to break. There are Treasure Chests, Portal Chests, Seasonal Chests, and Biome Chests.


[edit] Treasure Chests

Treasure chests can be found on any planet and drop treasures when broken. The harder a chest is to break, the "better" the drops will be. Some chests have locks that require Keys made out of certain metals to be opened. Keys made of the same metal as locks or "better" open them.

  • Wooden Chest (Copper Hammer, No lock)
B Wood Treasure Chest.png
  • Iron Chest (Copper Hammer, Copper Lock)
B Iron Treasure Chest.png
  • Gold Chests (Gold Hammer, Iron or Gold Lock)
B Gold Iron Treasure Chest.png
B Gold Wood Treasure Chest.png
  • Titanium Chest (Titanium Hammer, Mithril Lock)
B Titanium Treasure Chest.png

[edit] Portal Chests

There are twelve different planets in the game and eleven of which can only be reached after a player has found 3 of the Portal Pieces for each planet. Portal chests are unobtainable by the player, as the items obtained by the player when broken are Portal Pieces. Portal chests give off a visible blue light as of the 3.0.1 update
The portal chests are for these planets:

B Seth Portal Chest.png
B Umbra Portal Chest.png
B Alba Portal Chest.png
B Thetis Portal Chest.png
B Yuca Portal Chest.png

(Needs Portal Chest picture)

B Xeno Portal Chest.png
B Cryo Portal Chest.png
B Lilith Portal Chest.png
B Magmar Portal Chest.png

(Needs Portal Chest picture)

[edit] Seasonal Chests

Seasonal chests are chests which only appear in seasonal updates, such as the summer update. These can be found above ground on Terra, in their corresponding biome. (Note: Valentine's Chest appears randomly on the surface of Terra) Their contents are items themed accordingly to the chest they are found in.
Their contents can also be rarely found by digging specific blocks commonly found on certain surface biomes.

B Valentine's Chest.png

Contents found by digging Muddy Dirt in Spring Biomes

B Vimini Basket.png

Contents found by digging Pristine Sand in Summer Biomes

B Summer Chest.png

B Halloween Chest.png

Contents found by digging Violet Dirt in Autumn Biomes

B Cornucopia.png

Contents found by digging Snow in Winter Biomes

B Red Present.png
B White Present.png
B Pink Present.png

[edit] Biome Chests

Biome chests are only found in specific biomes and have a small chance of dropping pieces of Biome Armor Sets. There are currently 33 different types.

[edit] Found on Terra

  • Librarian Chest
B Librarian Chest.png
  • Mineshaft Chest
B Mineshaft Chest.png
  • Prison Chest
B Prison Chest.png
  • Spore Chest
B Spore Chest.png

[edit] Found on Seth

  • Ruins Chest
B Ruins Chest.png
  • Old Glyph Chest
B Old Glyph Chest.png
  • Scorpion Chest
B Scorpion Chest.png

[edit] Found on Umbra

  • Crypt Chest
B Crypt Chest.png
  • Mojo Chest
B Mojo Chest.png
  • Sewer Chest
B Sewer Chest.png

[edit] Found on Alba

  • Tranquility Chest
B Tranquility Chest.png
  • Spider Chest
B Spider Chest.png

[edit] Found on Thetis

  • Coral Chest
B Coral Chest.png
  • Slutch Chest
B Slutch Chest.png
  • Lume Chest
B Lume Chest.png

[edit] Found on Mykon

  • Slime Chest
B Slime Chest.png
  • Shroomia Chest
B Shroomia Chest.png
  • Exotis Chest
B Exotis Chest.png

[edit] Found on Yuca

  • Ivory Chest
B Ivory Chest.png
  • Emerald Chest
B Emerald Chest.png
  • Cave Chest
B Cave Chest.png

[edit] Found on Xeno

  • Undurium Chest
B Undurium Chest.png
  • Xenar Chest
B Xenar Chest.png
  • Frosted Chest
B Frosted Chest.png

[edit] Found on Lilith

  • Cosmos Chest
B Cosmos Chest.png
  • Dream Crystal Chest
B Dream Crystal Chest.png
  • Excavation Chest
B Excavation Chest.png

[edit] Found on Magmar

  • Bone Chest
B Bone Chest.png
  • Catacomb Chest
B Catacomb Chest.png
  • Intestia Chest
B Intestia Chest.png

[edit] Found on Cryo

  • Frost Ivory Chest
B Frost Ivory Chest.png
  • Frozen Crystal Chest
B Frozen Crystal Chest.png
  • Ogre Lair Chest
B Ogre Lair Chest.png

Glitch: Tranquility chests are sometimes found in mine shafts on Terra and still contain mine shaft items despite being native to Tranquility biomes on Alba.

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