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Gators are currently found only on Thetis. There are currently 2 types of Gators: Lume Gators and Demon Gators.


[edit] Lume Gators

B Blue Lume Gator.png
B Gray Lume Gator.png
B Rose Sand.png
B Rose Sand.png

Lume Gators are large alligators which have open mouths, green eyes, and spikes protruding from their bodies. They come in 2 colors: blue and gray, but their changes are aesthetic, they do not affect drops except Blue Demon Hide.

[edit] Drops

[edit] Demon Gators

B Demon Gator.png
B Demon Gator King.png
B Rose Stone.png
B Rose Stone.png

Demon Gators are tall alligators wearing armor and "wings." Demon Gators are green in color, while Demon Gator Kings are magenta in color and hold tridents.

[edit] Drops

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