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"Healing Potions" redirect here. For the craftable potions, see Health (Potion)

Healing potions are items which can be used to heal the player. There are currently three different types: Minor, Medium and major. They are generally dropped from various mobs found on different planets, with harder mobs dropping better potions, or they can be found in chests on any planet. They can be particularly useful when playing on a harder difficulty. To consume any one of the potions, the player must double tap or hold the item.

[edit] Minor Healing Potion

Dropped from weaker mobs generally found near or on the surface of a planet

Interface Hotslot.png
I Minor Healing Potion.png
OutlineX Consumable.png

[edit] Medium Healing Potion

Dropped from mobs with medium-high health.

Interface Hotslot.png
I Medium Healing Potion.png
OutlineX Consumable.png

[edit] Major Health Potion

Dropped from the toughest of all mobs which are found deep underground.

Interface Hotslot.png
I Major Healing Potion.png
OutlineX Consumable.png
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