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Holidays aren't an in-game event or accessible through hacking. Holidays in Junk Jack are seasonal events that occur throughout the year. Around St. Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas, Jack and XsX will update the game with special seasonal mobs, loot, and treasure. These features usually disappear within the next update, but often resurface overtime.

Junk Jack Retro

Christmas Updates
  • V1.2.3 Christmas December 8, 2012
    • The world is all Snowy
    • Added Christmas Treasures underground
    • Added a craftable curing star
    • Added O-Penguin mob
    • Added Christmas decorations
    • Added Christmas Foods
    • Added O-Ice and O-Ice Sword
    • Added 4 new IAP hats
    • Added Polar Bear mob

Halloween Updates
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