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Jack is the main character of Junk Jack. He is a brown haired man with a beard and a moustache. He wears a pair of jeans with a belt, a luminous, orange mining helmet, a pair of brown boots, and a red jacket with "giant green buttons", over a white t-shirt.

The only other things known about him are that:

  • He seems to be all alone. :(
  • He is very handy.
  • He makes very fancy food.
  • He eats bandages to regain health and he eats all the dishes he makes. (Bowls, plates, etc.)
  • He always loses the arrows he shoots from his bow.
  • He has quite an extensive wardrobe of costumes.
  • He has a mining helmet, though he never uses it.
  • He is small. (Zombies and Skeletons are taller then him, and he's half a block tall).
  • He has random green dots on his chest that don't look like buttons

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