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Luck is a stat which increases the chance of rare items dropping or item doubling. Currently, Luck is only avalable to a few armor pieces, but many accessories have this stat. Some Potions can also increase Luck for a few minutes
Diamond Encrustment increases item doubling chance on tools.
Tourmaline Encrustment has an added effect of item doubling on tools, or adds total luck by 10 on Armor, at the cost of halving all its defence and resistances.


Luck can naturally be found on armor pieces and trinkets listed below:

Head Piece

Chest Piece

Leg Piece

Feet Piece



[edit] Tips

If one wishes to have high luck early in the game, killing Uber Mobs is an option as most Uber Mobs have Armor Pieces with luck bonuses with them. Another option is to mine for Diamonds underground. Gold Diamond Ring is an item that can be crafted using 3 Diamond Gems and a Gold Bar that gives 20 Luck to a player.

The best way to increase your luck is to find Tourmaline. Turning them into gems and Encrusting them onto an armor or accessory gives the equippable piece 10 luck at the cost of halving all armor and damage bonuses.

Currently, the Highest Luck a player can get is 2.10 from:

  • Rusttalon's Armor Set- Rusttalon is a type of Uber Mobs that can be found on the planet Tor. Each Armor Piece has 10 luck with it. Equipping the whole set gives you 40 luck, and encrusting them with tourmaline adds an additional 10 luck to an item, giving you a total of 80 luck from a single set of armor.
  • Kroptor's Armor Set- Kroptor is a type of Uber Mob that can be found on the planet Mykon. It is similar to Rusttalon in the way that each piece also has 10 luck with it. The difference is its stat bonuses. Rusttalon's Armor set more health bonus, thorns, and walking speed bonus, while Mykon has passive health regen.
  • Gold Diamond Ring-An easy-to-obtain accessory by using 3 Diamond Gems and a Gold Bar.
  • Alternatively, if you're lucky enough to come across a Lucky Necklace, you can replace this as the Luck Necklace, while having the same Luck Chance Bonus as the Gold Diamond Ring, has an added bonus of boosting your Luck Doubling.

The armor set encrusted with tourmaline gives your luck +.80 (1.80), and added with the Gold Diamond Ring encrusted with tourmaline that gives +..30 luck totals to having 2.10 without the influence of potions.

Currently, the best Luck Potion you can brew is a Magnificent Luck Potion with 15 Power by using its base recipe of Bird Beak+Feather+Reagent. The reagent to place here is Black sludge, a drop from Lilith surface mobs.

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