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The Potion of Luck increases your Luck Chance by 0.50.

[edit] Recipes

Potion of Luck can be created in a Chemistry Lab. For that you should place in the first slot a Bird Beak, in the second slot a Feather and in the third slot it can be anything but for very strong potion place a Bone. The potion of luck increases your luck for a limited amount of time. For a luck potion that can last about 10 minutes use a Magnificent Potion Bottle.

Bird Beak + Feather

Chemistry Interface.png
Crafted Using
Chemistry Lab
I Bird Beak.png
I Feather.png
I Bone.png
I Potion Bottle.png
I Green Potion.png

[edit] Durations

The duration of the Potion of Luck is as follows:

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