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B Purple Murk.png
B Green Spear Murk.png
B Red Mage Murk.png
B Dark Violet Dirt.png
B Dark Violet Dirt.png
B Dark Violet Dirt.png

These alien-like creatures can only be found on Xeno. The only difference between them is the color of their eyes and body. Purple Murks lsomewhat resemble Lime Frogs but in purple skin with lime green eyes. Green Spear Murks are similar to Purple Murks but have green skin with magenta eyes and wield and throw spears at the player, while Red Mage Murks have red skin with greenish-turquoise eyes and wield a magic staff that shoots red glowing orbs at the player.


[edit] Drops

[edit] Universal

[edit] Green Spear Murks Only

[edit] Purple Murks Only

[edit] Red Mage Murks Only

  • Denotes Rare Drop
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