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The axe is a tool used for chopping down trees, thereby acquiring O-Wood. It is also used to destroy wood related blocks faster.

Different materials can be used to make different axes:

Grid woodaxe.png * Wood Axe, made from O-Wood.
Grid StoneAxe.png * Stone Axe, made from O-Stone.
Grid CopperAxe.png * Copper Axe, made from copper ingots.
Grid IronAxe.png * Iron Axe, made from iron ingots.
Grid SilverAxe.png * Silver Axe, made from silver ingots.
Grid GoldAxe.png * Gold Axe, made from gold ingots.
Grid MithrilAxe.png * Mithril Axe, made from mithril ingots.
Grid AntaniumAxe.png * Antanium Axe, made from antanium ingots.

The higher the level of the axe, the longer it lasts.

[edit] Recipe

Grid Wood.png
Grid Wood.png
Grid Plank.png
Grid Plank.png
Grid woodaxe.png
Crafting grid.png

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