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B Boar JJ1.gif
B Grass JJ1.png

The boar is a critter that can’t be tamed even though it is a kind of pig. It can jump up to 1 block high.


[edit] Spawning

The boar spawns on the surface during the day.

[edit] Health

Health: 4 Heart 4-4 JJ1.png Heart 4-4 JJ1.png Heart 4-4 JJ1.png Heart 4-4 JJ1.png

[edit] Drops

When killed:

(60%) 1 Raw Leather

Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Raw Leather JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Material.png

(60%) 1 Boar Meat

Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Boar Meat JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Food.png

(20%) 1 Boar Tusk

Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Boar Tusk JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Junk.png

(1%) 1 Taming Collar?

Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Taming Collar JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Tool.png

[edit] Texture & size

The boar has 2 textures: one showing it walking/resting and the other jumping. They are both 27x15 pixels.

[edit] Sounds

The boar has 2 unused sounds: boar_ambience and boar_ambience2. It instead uses the pig sounds: pig_ambient as its ambiant sound and pig_hit2 as its death sound.

[edit] History

[edit] Pictures

Boar pic.PNG

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