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This page is for Junk Jack Retro.
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These are items that have no use typically (except consumables) but to be on display, either on a showcase or a wood shelf.

Otherwise, they provide another reason along with the lists of others to continue to play Junk Jack - Hunting every treasure and creating your trophy room!

Have extras? Organize your trophy Chests!

Note: For all those below, those marked as "Multi Color - Stacks" means that although the item has multiple colors, they can be combined, or "stacked" with each other, thus losing the different colors you had.

The color is randomly picked when splitting stacks of 2 or more, so keep splitting to find your desired color.

If they say "Multi Color - Does Not Stack", then the different colors do not stack with each other. If they say nothing, they do not stack with each other.


[edit] Jewelry (Common)

Through Junk Jack you may spot a bunch of jewelry that is a collectable/rare by opening chests, breaking pots, or randomly while mining. These are the most common types of "junk" or "collectible" treasures.

None of these are "Multi Color - Stacks" unless noted.

[edit] Pure Rings

Pure Copper Ring.png Pure Copper Ring
Pure Silver Ring.png Pure Silver Ring
Pure Gold Ring.png Pure Gold Ring

[edit] Small Rings

Small Copper Ring.png Small Copper Ring
Small Silver Ring.png Small Silver Ring
Small Gold Ring.png Small Gold Ring

[edit] Big Rings

Big Copper Ring.png Big Copper Ring
Big Silver Ring.png Big Silver Ring
Big Gold Ring.png Big Gold Ring

[edit] Amulets

Copper Amulet.png Copper Amulet (Known bug - Copper Only - These are "Multi Color - Stacks". Split stack to get random color)
Silver Amulet.png Silver Amulet
Gold Amulet.png Gold Amulet

[edit] Goblets

Goblet.png Goblet
Narrow Goblet.png Narrow Goblet
Fat Goblet.png Fat Goblet

[edit] Crowns

Crown.png Crown (Multi Color - Does Not Stack)

[edit] Necklaces

Topaz Gold Amulet.png Topaz Gold Amulet
Small Necklace.png Small Necklace (Multi Color - Stacks)
Oval Necklace.png Oval Necklace (Multi Color - Stacks)

[edit] Jewels

Big Jewel.png Big Jewel (Multi Color - Does Not Stack)
Small Jewel.png Small Jewel (Multi Color - Does Not Stack)
Big Jewel Plate.png Big Jewel Plate (Multi Color - Stacks)
Small Jewel Button.png Small Jewel Button (Multi Color - Stacks)

[edit] Misc Jewelry/Trinkets

Grid Green Moon Amulet.png


Green Moon Amulet

Grid Red Moon Amulet.png


Red Moon Amulet

Grid Amethyst Gold Plate.png


Amethyst Gold Plate

Grid Ruby Gold Plate.png


Ruby Gold Plate

Grid Trident Gold Amulet.png


Trident Gold Amulet

Grid Maya Gold Trinket.png


Maya Gold Trinket

Grid Infinity Amethyst.png


Infinity Amethyst

Grid Eye of Amethyst.png


Eye of Amethyst

Grid Gold Hand of Amethyst.png


Gold Hand of Amethyst

Grid Gold Cup Jewel.png


Gold Cup Jewel

Grid Gold Falcon.png


Gold Falcon

Grid Topaz Hand of Gold.png


Topaz Hand of Gold

Grid Magma Stone of Gold.png


Magma Stone of Gold

Grid Sapphire Hand of Gold.png


Sapphire Hand of Gold

[edit] Four Fossils

Note: Very rare! They can be seen over blocks, similar to coal ores and TNT.

Fossil.png Treasure Icons
Skull Fossil.png Skull Fossil
Nautilusfossil.png Nautilus Fossil
Trilobitefossil.png Trilobite Fossil
Ribcagefossil.png Ribcage Fossil

[edit] Random Treasures

[edit] Found Only In Treasure Chests Deep In World

[edit] Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Used in crafting the Jigsaw Puzzle.

Jigsaw Piece.png Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

[edit] Bottomless Chest Pieces

Once you find all 3 pieces you can put them together into a Bottomless Chest
Which has 72 item slots.

Grid ChestLeftSide.png
Grid ChestMiddle.png
Grid ChestRightSide.png
Grid BottomlessChest.png
Crafting grid.png

[edit] Paintings

These are found by randomly digging in the world. These are the second most common type of random drop.

[edit] Found Anywhere

These can be placed up on any wall. They are very common and can be found by digging anywhere.

Painting1.png Painting 1 Painting1Full.png
Painting2.png Painting 2 Painting2Full.png
Painting3.png Painting 3 Painting3Full.png
Painting4.png Painting 4 Painting4Full.png
Painting5.png Painting 5 Painting5Full.png
Painting6.png Painting 6 Painting6Full.png
Painting7.png Painting 7 Painting7Full.png

[edit] Snow Biome/Christmas Loots

These were found in Christmas presents, but now are found randomly by digging around in snow biomes.

[edit] Found Near The Surface

Christmas Light.png Christmas Light (Multi Color - Stacks)
Christmas Ball.png Christmas Ball (Multi Color - Stacks)
Christmas Socks.png Christmas Socks (Multi Color - Does Not Stack)
Candy Cane.png Candy Cane (Multi Color - Stacks)
Christmas Biscuit.png Christmas Biscuit (Multi Color - Stacks)
Christmas Bell.png Christmas Bell (Multi Color - Does Not Stack)
Christmas Star.png Christmas Star (Multi Color - Stacks)
Snow Crystal.png Snow Crystal (Multi Color - Stacks)

Grid Red Ribbon.png


Red Ribbon

Grid Gingerbread Cookie.png


Gingerbread Cookie

Grid Heart Biscuit.png


Heart Biscuit

Grid Chocolate Bar.png


Chocolate Bar

Grid Christmas Candy Cane.png


Christmas Candy Cane

Grid Tiny Christmas Tree.png


Tiny Christmas Tree

Grid Tiny Santa.png


Tiny Santa

Grid Tiny Frosty.png


Tiny Frosty

Grid Snowman Head.png


Snowman Head

Grid Snow Glass.png


Snow Glass

Grid Butcher Broom.png


Butcher Broom

Grid Winged Star.png


Winged Star

[edit] Fish

[edit] Found Near The Surface

FatFishGreen.png Fat Fish
GreenFish.png Green Fish
OrangeFish.png Orange Fish

[edit] Mushrooms

[edit] Found Near The Surface

Toy Mushroom.png Toy Mushroom (Multi Color - Does Not Stack)

[edit] Beverages

These resemble popular drinks. They can be consumed.

[edit] Found Near The Surface

Soda.png Soda
Bull.png Red Bull

[edit] Computer Parts

[edit] Found Near The Surface

Grid Old CPU.png



Grid Old Computer.png


Old Computer
FloppyDisk.png Floppy Disk (Multi Color - Stacks)

[edit] Lava Lamps

Like, groovy man!

[edit] Found Deep Underground

Lavalamps.png Lava Lamp (Multi Color - Stacks)

[edit] Apple, Inc. Related

Note: Super Cool!!!!!

[edit] Found Deep Underground

Grid Jackphone.png


Jack Phone

Grid Musicplayer.png


Music Player

[edit] Movie Related

Note: These are rare items! Found deep underground.

[edit] Found Deep Underground

Grid Terminatedhead.png


Terminated Head

Grid Robohead.png


Robo Head
Ancientamber.png Ancient Amber

[edit] Video Game Related

Note: These are rare items!

[edit] Found Near The Surface

Pixelghosts.png Pixel Ghosts (Multi-Color - Does Not Stack)
Tetrispieces.png Tetris Piece (Multi Color/Shapes- Does Not Stack)

Grid Pixelartalien.png


Pixel Art Alien

Grid Portablevintageconsole.png


Portable Vintage Console

[edit] Found Deep Underground

Grid Vintage Console.png


Vintage Console

Grid Oldcartridge.png


Old Cartridge

Grid Orangegun.png


Orange Gun

Grid Graygamepad.png


Gray Gamepad

Grid Supergamepad.png


Super Gamepad

Grid Redgamepad.png


Red Gamepad

Grid Dualgamepad.png


Dual Gamepad

Grid Vintagejoystick.png


Vintage Joystick

Grid Strengthtriangle.png


Strength Triangle

Grid Softcloud.png


Soft Cloud

Grid Pinkfluffy.png


Pink Fluffy

Grid Sssquaredmonster.png


Sssquared Monster

Grid Cutecat.png


Cute Cat

Grid Sandboxgod.png


Sandbox God

[edit] Others

[edit] Found Near The Surface

CrescentMoon.png Crescent Moon (Most Common Drop)
Debris.png Debris
UsedRedShoe.png Used Red Shoe
Rotting Eye.png Rotting Eye (Multi Color - Does Not Stack)
FlowerVase.png Flower Vase (Multi Color - Stacks)
SmallBottle.png Small Bottle (Multi Color - Stacks)
Big Bottle.png Big Bottle (Multi Color - Stacks)
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