O-Colored Cloth

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Colored cloth can be made by combining O-White Cloth with the appropriate dyes.
They can be used to build with to give your creation more color.You don't take any fall damage when falling onto cloth.

There are 15 colors.

  • Grid GreyCloth.png Grey
  • Grid BlackCloth.png Black
  • Grid BrownCloth.png Brown
  • Grid OrangeCloth.png Orange
  • Grid RedCloth.png Red
  • Grid RoseCloth.png Rose
  • Grid MagentaCloth.png Magenta
  • Grid PurpleCloth.png Purple
  • Grid BlueCloth.png Blue
  • Grid LightBlueCloth.png Light Blue
  • Grid CyanCloth.png Cyan
  • Grid LimeGreenCloth.png Lime Green
  • Grid GreenCloth.png Green
  • Grid YellowCloth.png Yellow
  • Grid White Cloth.png White

[edit] Colored Cloth Recipe

Grid White Cloth.png
Grid BlueDye.png
Grid BlueCloth.png
Crafting grid.png

[edit] Dyes

Dyes are crafted when certain Items are placed in the crafting grid while next to a Spinning Wheel. There are 15 different kinds of dyes:

[edit] Dye Recipe

Requires a O-Spinning Wheel

Grid Cactus.png
Grid LimeGreenDye.png
Crafting grid.png
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