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(left to right) A bull, calf, cowshed and cow.

A breeding stable used to keep and breed your O-Cattle.
Tap it with a pocket bull or cow to link the animal to it.

If a O-Cow and bull are both present and well fed they will breed and make a O-Calf.
Three O-Cattle can be kept in this stable.

O-Cattle will eat: leaves, O-Wheat, O-Grass,
O-Lettuce, animal food and maybe other things.

As with all stables, it will link with wood fences and form gates where needed.

[edit] Recipe

Grid Plank.png
Grid Nail HD.png
Grid Plank.png
Grid Ironbar.png
Grid Ironpot.png
Grid Ironbar.png
Grid Ironbar.png
Grid Wheat.png
Grid Ironbar.png
Grid Cowshed.png
Crafting grid.png
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