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[edit] Overview

Using the jeweler bench, you can socket a sword, pickaxe, or shovel with one of the six gems (diamond, sapphire, amethyst, ruby, topaz or emerald).
Each gem has special powers!
They must be crafted from uncut gems into cut gems after mining in order to socket a tool.

To encrust a tool, you will also need a gem socket.

[edit] Craft

Grid DiamondGem.png
Grid gemsocket.png
Grid silvershovel.png
Grid silverdiamondshovel.png
Crafting grid.png

[edit] Gem Powers

  • Diamond increases treasure finding.
  • Sapphire helps in dark areas. (It emits light)
  • Amethyst increases power.
  • Ruby increases range.
  • Topaz gives more durability.
  • Emerald has destructive powers! (It randomly destroys adjacent blocks while mining and gives increased knockback against mobs.)

[edit] Outputs

Below are the three tools, in gem groups, by metal type (from top to bottom: iron, copper, silver, gold, mithril, antanium).

[edit] Diamond


[edit] Sapphire


[edit] Amethyst


[edit] Ruby


[edit] Topaz


[edit] Emerald


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