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B Frog JJ1.gif
B Jungle dirt w grass JJ1.png

The frog is the only critter that spawns underground. It can’t be tamed and can jump a little over 1 block high.


[edit] Spawning

The frog spawns in underground jungle biomes underground.
Although it’s a critter, it seams like it doesn’t spawn in peaceful.

[edit] Health

Health: 4 Heart 4-4 JJ1.png Heart 4-4 JJ1.png Heart 4-4 JJ1.png Heart 4-4 JJ1.png

[edit] Drops

When killed:

(90%) 1-2 Frog Leg

Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Frog Leg JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Food.png

(50%) 1 Frog Skin

Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Frog Skin JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Junk.png

(20%) 1-2 Frog Eye

Interface Slot JJ1.png
I Frog Eye JJ1.png
OutlineJJ1 Junk.png

(5%) 1 Small Healing Potion (During development, the frog was a hostile mob)

[edit] Texture & size

The frog changed textures slightly in v1.2, but it was always the same size. It currently has 2 textures. Its walking/resting one is 20x12 pixels while its jumping one is 22x16 pixels.

[edit] Sounds

The frog has an ambient sound: frog-ambiento and a death sound: frog-dieo.

[edit] History

The old frog texture
  • Added in v1.1.
  • Textures slightly revamped in v1.2.

[edit] Pictures

Frog pic.png

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