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The inventory outlines option will display a colored outline on the bottom right corner of all items in your inventory.
The outlines color will vary depending upon the type of item.

Inventory Outlines Option.png

With this option on:

  • Gray: Indicates a Junk. It is useless but sometimes cool.

Outline Junk.png


  • White: Indicates a Material. These items are used in crafting something.

Outline Material.png


  • Green: Indicates a Food. These items are anything consumable that heals Jack.

Outline Food.png


  • Red: Indicates a Weapon. These deal more damage to O-Mobs than other items.

Outline Weapon.png


  • Blue: Indicates a Tool. These are used to break blocks faster.

Outline Tool.png


  • Purple: Indicates a Treasure. It is useless, but not worthless. These are rare items.

Outline Treasure.png


  • Yellow: Indicates a Placeable. These items can be placed directly into the world.

Outline Placeable.png


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