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[edit] Crafting Addons

Crafting addons allows Jack to craft a wider variety of items.

[edit] Tools

Tools are used to kill, mine, dig, chop or break stuff.

Source(s): Tools

[edit] Basic resources

Resources are the most common items, and are the base for most crafting recipes.

Source(s): Basic resources

[edit] Ores

Ores are mined and can be smelted into ingots at a forge.

[edit] Gems and Treasures

[edit] Mob Drops

Mob resources are dropped when the corresponding mob is killed by Jack.

See Mob Drops

[edit] Furnitures

Most, but not all, furniture is crafted using the workbench.

[edit] Food

See natural food, crafted food and consumables.

[edit] Miscellaneous items

They are grouped as much as possible for a quick and easy find :)

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