O-Mayan Ruins

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see O-Environment

Mayan Ruins can be found underground. They can be characterized by their Mayan stone and brown squares stacked on top of each other varying in height. There are also vines that you can climb to reach new heights.

In the Mayan ruins, Mayan sculpture pieces can be found, however they are rare.
Also a very rare Mayan chest (below) and O-Crates can also be found.
Maya Chest.png

[edit] Blocks and decoration

    • Block Maya-Dirt.png Mayan Dirt
    • Block Maya-Brick.png Mayan Stone
    • Block Maya-DarkMaya.png Dark Mayan Stone
    • Block Maya-MossBrick.png Mayan Stone with moss
    • Block Maya-Snail.png Mayan Swirl Stone
    • Block Maya-Snake.png Mayan Snake Stone
    • Block Maya-Vine1.png Mayan Vine (climbable)
    • Block Maya-Vine3.png
    • Block Maya-FlowerBrick.png Mayan Flower
    • Block Maya-BrownBlock.png Mayan Brown Blocks
    Mayan Statue Pieces
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