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Ores or lumps are O-Items that can be mined. The different ores don't have any level requirements on the O-Tools used, but the O-Dirt / rocks they are in might have. All ores can be smelted into O-Ingots at a O-Forge.

To make one ingot, the recipe is two O-Ores and one coal.

[edit] Types of Ore

Listed from weakest (copper) to strongest (antanium)

Name Before Mining After Mining Description
Copper Ore Block CoppreMine.png Grid CopperLump.png The most abundant of the metals
Iron Ore Block IronMine.png Grid IronLump.png Iron is useful for many things other than tools
Silver Ore SilverMine.png Grid SilverLump.png Stronger than Iron
Gold Ore GoldMine.png Grid GoldLump.png The most efficient of the metals, but less durable than silver
Mithril Ore MithrilMine.png Grid MithrilLump.png The second strongest of the 7 metals
Antanium Ore AntaniumMine.png Grid Antanium Ore.png The strongest and least abundant of the metals, but less durable than mithril.
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