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See O-Crops for all the different types available.

As of version 1.1, there are many more types of seeds and saplings to plant to make your house and worlds more flora friendly.

  • To place a plant, just put a sapling in one of your quickslots and place it above some dirt (or sand for cacti and palm trees).
  • Some plants will require tilled earth in order to be placed, such as watermelon sprouts. You will have to use a O-Hoe to till soil.
  • Plants require light to grow, whether natural sunlight or artificial lighting makes no difference.

Note: The dead tree sapling is the only sapling that needs to be crafted.

Grid GreenSapling.png
Grid SkullSoul.png
Grid BoneDust.png
Grid DeadSapling.png
Crafting grid.png
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