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Saplings were added in update 1.0.4.
They allow you to plant a variety of O-Trees (and O-Papyrus).


[edit] Types of Sapling

[edit] Found on Surface

These saplings can be obtained by cutting down the appropriate plant on the surface of the world.
When cutting down these trees there is not a 100% chance of getting a sapling.

[edit] Found in Chests

These saplings can be obtained by breaking chests and O-Crates.
You will always get at least one sapling when cutting down one of these.
See O-Crops for more information

  • Apple Tree Sapling
  • Banana Tree Sapling
  • Cherry Tree Sapling
  • Cocoa Tree Sapling
  • Lemon Tree Sapling
  • Orange Tree Sapling
  • Palm Tree Sapling
  • Peach Tree Sapling
  • Pear Tree Sapling

[edit] Planting

To plant a sapling simply select it and tap just above some O-Dirt.
Saplings require light to grow. It can be artificial light.

GreenTree Baby.png Green Tree just after planting.

BlueTree Baby.png Blue Tree just after planting.

PineTree Baby.png Spruce Tree just after planting.

[edit] Tips

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