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[edit] Skeleton and Zombie Trophy Statues

These statues must be crafted.
Show that you have killed a lot of skeletons/zombies with these statues!"

Zombie statue.png

Skeleton statue.png

[edit] Mob Statues

These are statues that can be found underground. They are rare! Note: These statues can't be crafted.

Mother Slime statue.png

Huge spider statue.png

Worm statue.png

Mummy Pharaoh statue.png

Stone Golem Statue.png

Skeleton Mage statue.png

Giant Skull statue.png

Jack statue.png

[edit] Statues Found in Different Biomes

Statues are decorative items that are found in designated Biomes.
They come in 3 pieces per statue and you need at least a gold Hammer to get them out.
Statues are not necessarily found in/around their biome, but there is still a statue associated with each biome.

[edit] Skeleton Knight

SkeletonStatue C.png
SkeletonStatue B.png
SkeletonStatue A.png

[edit] Egyptian Pharaoh

EgyptianStatue C.png
EgyptianStatue B.png
EgyptianStatue A.png

[edit] Mayan

MayanStatue C.png
MayanStatue B.png
MayanStatue A.png

[edit] Roman

RomanStatue C.png
RomanStatue B.png
RomanStatue A.png

[edit] Mushroom Monster

MushroomStatue C.png
MushroomStatue B.png
MushroomStatue A.png

[edit] Christmas Tree

ChristmasStatue C.png
ChristmasStatue B.png
ChristmasStatue A.png

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