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Naturally growing plant life on the surface world of Junk Jack, you should start punching these and crafting some planks to start out your game.
New to 1.0.4 O-Saplings have been added to the game so you can grow your own forest.

  • Hardness: 4
  • Tool: Axe
  • MinTool: Wood


  • Hardness: 4
  • Tool: All
  • MinTool: Wood
Dead Tree.png

GreenTree Top.pngBlueTree Top.pngPineTree G.png
GreenTree I.pngGreenTree G.pngPineTree E.png
GreenTree E.pngBlueTree B.pngPineTree D.png
GreenTree A.pngBlueTree A.pngPineTree B.png

[edit] Types of trees

[edit] Drops

[edit] Saplings

There are 4 types of tree Saplings, to grow your saplings just place them on some dirt and make sure they have light.

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