O-Underground Jungle Biome

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see O-Environment

Underground Jungles can be characterized by their vines and tall blue topped trees.
They also have little blue mushrooms and red tipped flowers growing.
The vines can be climbed to get to higher places.

The trees can be chopped down to get blue leaves and O-Wood.
These blue leaves can be made into a block again, and used for decorative purposes.

[edit] Chest

These chests can sometimes be found in the biome.
See Jungle Chest
Jungle Chest.png

[edit] Blocks and decoration

  • Soft Jungle Dirt.png Soft Jungle Dirt
  • Jungle Dirt.png Jungle Dirt
  • Jungle Stone.png Jungle Stone

  • Blocks Vine Baby.png Small Vines (Not Climbable)

  • Blocks Vine1.png Vines (Climbable)
  • Blocks Vine2.png
  • Blocks Vine3.png

  • Block Forest-BlueTreeTop.png Blue Tree
  • Block Forest-BlueTreeTrunk.png
  • Block Forest-BlueTreeTrunk.png
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