O-Underground Mushroom Biome

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see O-Environment

This biome is features massive mushrooms which can be cut down using any tool (or hands).

This biome also features violet dirt and violet stone.
Both require stone or better O-Tools to break.

[edit] Treasures

As well as the normal drops, there is a certain chance of finding a mushroom pickaxe (for decoration as it is not very strong) and four colors of toy mushrooms, red, purple, blue and green.

[edit] Main Characteristics

This biome can be itentified by the violet dirt and stone as well as massive violet mushrooms. O-Amaranthus can also be seen and climbed.
Sometimes, the grass and mushrooms will drop smaller Violet Mushrooms, which are edible and heal a fourth of a heart.

[edit] Blocks and decoration

    • Block VioletDirt.png Violet Dirt
    • Block Mushroom-Stone.png Block VioletStone.png Violet Stone
    • Block Mushroom-Top.png Big Violet Mushrooms
    • Block Mushroom-Middle.png
    • Block Mushroom-Base.png
    • Block Mushroom-Small.png Violet Mushrooms
    • Block Mushroom-Grass.png Mushroom Grass


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