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Rabbits are small furry mammals, which hop around to move and cannot harm the player. They can be captured with a Taming Collar and kept as a pet, or stabled and bred in a Rabbit Hutch. There are three different breeds. White Rabbits can be found on Cryo, while both Beige and Brown Rabbits can be found on Terra.

Males are on the left, females are on the right. It is incredibly difficult to differentiate between the two, but it seems as though the male is slightly larger than the female.


[edit] Brown Rabbits

B Brown Rabbit M.png
B Brown Rabbit F.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png

[edit] Beige Rabbits

B Beige Rabbit M.png
B Beige Rabbit F.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png

[edit] White Rabbits

B White Rabbit M.png
B White Rabbit F.png
B Snow.png
B Snow.png

[edit] Drops

Rabbits have a greater than normal chance of dropping nothing.

[edit] Will eat

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