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Scorpions are hostile mobs found on Seth, Alba, and Cryo.


[edit] Brown Scorpion

B Brown Scorpion.png
B Sand.png

Brown Scorpions are found almost anywhere on Seth, both on the surface (at night) and underground. Like most hostile mobs, they follow the player and try to attack them.


[edit] Red Scorpion

B Red Scorpion.png
B Sand.png

Red Scorpions are found underground on Seth and Xeno. They have the ability to shoot spikes from their tails, similar to Red Cobras. These spikes only do a few hearts damage, and they will stop shooting when they've been hit (but will continue if no more damage is being inflicted).


[edit] Frost Scorpion

B Glacial Scorpion.png
B Raw Ice.png

Frost Scorpions are only found on Cryo and can shoot ice shards from their tails. Their body features differ from that of Brown and Red Scorpions by both color and external features.


[edit] Tiny Frost Scorpion

B Tiny Blue Frost Scorpion.png
B Raw Ice.png

Tiny Frost Scorpions are similar to Frost Scorpions, as they are only found on Cryo, however they are tiny scorpions.

Drops: As tiny scorpions, Tiny Frost Scorpions do not drop anything.

[edit] Blue Scorpion

B Blue Scorpion.png
B Aqua Dirt.png

Blue Scorpions are only found on Alba. They are tiny scorpions and are very similar to Frost Scorpions in appearance, however their color is of a lighter tint.

Drops: As tiny scorpions, Blue Scorpions do not drop anything.

[edit] Violet Twistrazor King

B Twistrazor King.png
B Dark Violet Dirt.png

Violet Twistrazor King can be found deep underground on Xeno.
While not particularly categorised as a scorpion in game, these large creatures behave and look similar to them.
They have a high hp and have the ability to shoot acid from their tails(Approx 3 shots/sec).


[edit] Violet Scorpion

B Violet Scorpion.png
B Dark Violet Dirt.png

Violet Scorpions, or Acid Scorpions, are found deep underground on Xeno. These scorpions are similar in appearance to Twistrazor Kings, but lack a tail and have smaller heads.

Drops: Venomous Sting

[edit] Green Scorpion

B Tiny Green Scorpion.png
B Ivory Stone.png

Similar to the Blue scorpions, Green scorpions exist only as tiny scorpions, and are found on the surface of Yuca. As of version 2.2 there is a bug which causes this scorpion to be invisible while jumping.

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