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Seth is the second planet available to players. It is known for having large quantities of gold. It has an Egyptian theme. Somehow, Alba and Xeno can been seen at Seth.



[edit] Etymology

Seth is most likely named after the Egyptian god of the desert and chaos, Seth(pronounced Sett, sometimes known as Sutekh). Seth was the brother of Osiris and is recognizable by his head, that of an unknown animal, believed to be based on an anteater.

[edit] Getting to Seth

Seth is at first only accessible by creating a portal from portal pieces found on Terra. Once Seth has been visited once, players are then given the option to generate stand-alone worlds in Seth.

B Seth Portal Piece.png
B Seth Portal Chest.png
B Seth Portal Piece.png
B Portal.png
B Seth Portal Piece.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png

[edit] Mobs

[edit] Critters

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Biomes

[edit] Blocks

[edit] Shoveled

B Sand.png
B Light Sand.png
Light Sand
B Sand Dune.png
Sand Dune
B Green Dirt.png
Green Dirt
B Dark Blue Dirt.png
Dark Blue Dirt
B Pale Purple Dirt.png
Pale Purple Dirt

[edit] Pick-axed

B Desert Rock.png
Desert Rock
B Pharoah Bricks.png
Pharoah Bricks
B Small Pharoah Bricks.png
Small Pharoah Bricks
B Dark Pharoah Bricks.png
Dark Pharoah Bricks
B Sandstone.png
Sand Stone
B Rough Violet Rock.png
Rough Violet Rock

[edit] Trivia

  • Seth is the only planet with civilization on it, since village like structures on the planet can be found.
  • Somehow, the sun is not visible from Seth, just like any other planet.
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